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About Us

About Us

Once-11 Arquitectura

Once-11 Arquitectura, starts in 2011 as a space where architects, designers, engineers and other design specialists collaborate in designing spaces and unique products tailored to the customer, which are also sensible with the environment.

Through our team and with other experts, we offer integral services to solve every project in a tailored way with creative and innovative solutions. Especially so we can accomplish a balance in creating concepts, integrating the clients necessities and solving every detail.

For us architecture (or design) is the result of a process where you integrate the functional, aesthetics, social, environmental, economic and even the poetic aspects. We pride ourselves of the cultural, social, biological and artistic baggage that we have inherited in Mexico, and we are committed in being part of this evolution searching to build better communities and contribute in generating more and better life expressions.

Our biggest dream is to exceed the expectations of our customers. We deeply enjoy the design process with them and hope this is always mutual.

General Director and Founder.

Born in Mexico City in 1977. He has over 15 years of professional experience working in various branches of engineering, architecture, art and real estate development.

He has worked in the fields of construction, development and promotion of residential projects, architecture projects, urban planning, landscaping as well as interior and furniture design. Some of the companies / architects with which he has worked are Yturbe- Architects, Arq. Alejandro Dacosta, Higuera and Sanchez (now JSA), ICA Housing, Urban Construction ICA, Arq. Augusto Alvarez and. He co-founded in 2010 Casas Maxhome and in 2011 he founded Once-11 Arquitectura.

He studied Visual Arts at Parsons School of Design Paris, and Civil Engineering at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. He has taken various courses, workshops and diplomas; Urban Planning & Design Discovery (Harvard GSD), Diseño y Sustainable Construction (UIA), Biomimésis (UIA), Permacultura y Construcción Bioclimática (Grupedsac), Real Estate Projects Development (UIA), Resource Development (Regenesis Group). He is certified by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) as a LEED Accredited Professional New Construction (AC – NC).

He is very passionate of nature and humanity in general. Sailing, tennis, surf and design are his biggest hobbies.


Born in Mexico City in 1970. Has more than 20 years of experience in Conceptual Development . He has been Executive of Architectural Design in projects of different scales. He worked on VGE Arquitectos, García Etchegaray Arquitectos, GF+G Arquitectos, joining Once 11 Arquitectos in 2015. Architect – Engineer graduated from Escuela ESIA Tecamachalco I.P.N.


Born in Zacatecas, Mexico in 1989. He has worked at FREE ARCHITECTS (Fernando Romero Enterprise), collaborating in international projects. He also worked at LUCIO MUNIAIN’s Architectural firm, collaborating in residential and vertical housing projects and collaborated in architecture contests for hotels, museums, offices, pavilions, exposition centers and hospitals. He graduated as an architect from ITZ (Instituto Tecnológico de Zacatecas). He also works in the field of graphic design, carrying out projects where he participated and won awards in national competitions.

Industrial designer

Born in Mexico City in 1985. Studied Industrial Design at Universidad Iberoamericana and at RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. Has 7 years of professional experience working for different companies and associations collaborating in design projects focused in sustainability, innovation, and integrating traditional craft techniques with modern technology and industrial techniques. He complemented his professional studies with courses in Biomimicry, Eco Technologies and Renewable energy. He is professor at Centro Design University, and nurtures his professional life with his hobbies and passions like surf, kite-surf and mountain biking. Explorer, adventurer and nature lover.

Industrial designer

Born in Mexico City in 1987. Has experience in conceptual design, furniture manufacturing and interior design . He has developed projects for brands like Adidas, Rebook and Taylormade. Studied Industrial Design at Universidad Iberoamericana and Polytechnic University of Milan. Studies in creation and development of creative businesses at Centro Design University. He is passionate in cooking and drawing.


Born in Mexico City in 1985. Has worked with BUBA Architects and with Arq. Luis Barragan in varous projects. Has experience in housing projects. Graduated as Architect from Universidad Iberoamericana in 2011. She is passionate of being a new mom and her greatest hobby is photography, she likes to capture the best moments of her life and explore new places.


Born in Mexico City in 1982. She has more than 10 years of experience in various offices as architect and model designer. She has participated in Architectural Design Process in all its different stages in different building types and scales. Some of her interests are Aquatics, diving, dancing, camping and investigating how things work.


Born in Mexico City in 1982. Has more than 10 years of experience in various offices as architect and model designer. He has participated in Architectural Design Process in all its different stages in different building types and scales. Aquatics, diving, camping and investigate how things work are some of your interests.


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